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Joey Owen Cooper

"Only to be with you..."

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Name:Joey Owen Cooper
Birthdate:Aug 27
Location:Sydney, Australia
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

I have run, I have crawled
I have scaled these city walls, These city walls
Only to be with you...

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, U2

Joey Owen Cooper was born in a beach house in the tropical paradise of Hamilton Island, Australia. His parents (Harrison and Amanda) both worked at the resort, which is where they met, and when they found out Amanda was pregnant, they had a quickie wedding on the beach when she was about 6 months along. They had plans to go stay in the city of Townsville closer to Amanda's due date, but Joey decided to arrive four weeks early and after a 46 minute later, was born quickly before the boat even arrived to take them back to mainland Australia. Joey spent the first five years of his life on the island with his parents, but just before his 5th birthday, his grandparents, his dad's parents, were killed in a car crash and left Harrison their entire estate including a three bedroom apartment at Pyrmont overlooking Darling Harbour in Sydney, so they decided to move there for better schooling prospects for Joey.

Both of his parents took management positions at the large Sheraton Four Points Hotel in Darling Harbour, which they gained from all their experience working at the resort on Hamilton Island. Joey went right through school without a hitch, and completed one year at Med School in Sydney before he applied to join the Royal Australian Navy. The Navy sponsored him to complete his Medical Degree and was ranked as Midshipman and paid at that rank to study full-time. Once he graduated, he began is term of Service as a Medical Officer with the Navy. His first time on a large Navy vessel and time at sea, he spent ridiculously seasick but he eventually got used to it with the aid of many seasickness pills, but luckily he was in good company and not the only one of his ship mates suffering it. He spent many months at sea, and did a tour of duty in Afghanistan, and it was when he returned home from this that his life took an unexpected turn...

Joey married young. He met his wife, Carissa, in high school and they were close friends. One thing led to another after a drunken hook-up where he lost his virginity to her, and things were nice. Joey was never really happy, though. He didn't want children (or at least was too young to know if he did or not) and she did, and it was one night at another high school party that he hooked up again, only this time it was with one of the swimming champions from their school, Ben Chapman. This was about the time Joey began to wonder if he was bisexual, or even gay, but he never found the courage to come out or explore it further at that time. He stayed faithful to his wife for a few years, but when he returned from Afghanistan, he met Jake Gresham at his wife's work Christmas party. She worked at Taronga Zoo with him as a seal trainer, and Jake caught Joey's eye across the room repeated times. When his wife got embarrassingly drunk, he had shrunk back into the sidelines of the party, wishing he could be anywhere but there with his wife embarrassing herself. Jake came over to him and asked if he wanted to go up to the rooftop for some fresh air, offering Joey a top-up of his beer. They talked for a long time, and ended up having sex in the bathroom, with Joey not only cheating on his wife, but Jake also cheating on his girlfriend, Alice.

It was the beginning of an affair between him and Jake that lasted for over a year, and they never told anyone. They would hook up in hotels around Sydney under fake names and make love for hours on end. Joey had realised not long after meeting Jake that he wasn't bi, he was gay, and very closeted. He thought it was just the best way, even if he always knew what he was doing was wrong. He was scared what might happen if he came out being in the Navy and he never really wanted to hurt his wife, but Jake was just this burning desire for him, and he couldn't quit him. It was Jake who ended the affair, guilty about what he was doing behind Alice's back. He and Joey parted ways, vowing to just walk away from each other because it was too painful to even try to stay friends. They were never meant to see each other again.

But it was so much more easier said than done. Joey couldn't forget Jake. He couldn't stop thinking about him. He had gone and fallen in love with him while his marriage crumbled around him. He tried to go back to normal, but he had a broken heart from losing Jake. It was when his wife came home one day in a bad mood, calling Jake all sorts of awful names because he had apparently decided he was homesick for America and his large family back there, and resigned from his job at the zoo and broke his engagement to Alice because she wanted to stay in Australia and he wanted to go home. They apparently parted ways civilly and friendly enough, but Joey's wife took it upon herself to blame Jake for leaving Alice high and dry.

It was the straw that broke the camel's back for Joey. He snapped at his wife, jumping to Jake's defence, and it lead to an horrific argument where they both said awful things to each other, and it ultimately ended in Joey walking out telling her he wanted a divorce. The next day, he was in his lawyer's office getting him to file for it. He turned up at the Zoo's reception a few days later - right after putting in his application to leave the Navy, now having completed his obligation return of service - and asked Alice if Jake had left a forwarding address in America. He never gave her an explanation, and he was relieved she gave him the New York address Jake had left for her to send along any mail. Joey had no idea what the fuck he was doing, but as soon as he was granted his exit from the Navy, Joey booked a flight to New York and went to find Jake again.

Joey is an Original Character
for musebox / psl, dreamlikenewyork.

Joey is an original muse character with no fandom affiliation.
For RP and muse purposes only.
PB is Jay Ryan, who belongs to himself.

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